Gifts For Sushi Lovers

Gifts For Sushi Lovers

Welcome to SUSHI 16! Fun, crazy, strange & delicious, we specialize in gifts for Sushi lovers. Birthday’s, Christmas, no matter the occasion, you will find great gift ideas here!

Sushi Socks

Sushi Socks

You can never go wrong with a pair of delicious looking socks.  Stylish and a bit funky, they are a fashion favorite!  They come in an attractive display box, including: Tamago, Cucumber & Salmon.

It's Sushi Candy Sushi

It’s Sushi Candy Sushi

Sushi Pillows

Sushi Pillows

Once these cuties become a part of your life, they will become your favorite cuddle buddies.   They are fun, cheerful and will brighten up any room.

Sushi Pajamas

Sushi Pajamas

Getting a good nights sleep just became easier with this soft and stylish set of PJ’s.  If the pattern looks familiar, it should.  They are the same style as those seen on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Will & Grace, and more!

Sushi Candle

Sushi Candle

Great gifts are those that can add character and ambiance to an otherwise dull room.   The simplest present is a candle set that has the subtle and lovely aroma of natural beeswax.

Sushi Earbuds

Sushi Earbuds

Dreams of tuna and salmon come to mind when looking at these delicious earbuds.  If it’s a unique gift you are after,  this is an accessory that will be worshiped.

Sushi Slippers

Sushi Slippers

Footwear is one of the fun items that you can give.  Keeping those tootsies comfy is necessary for happiness inside and out!

Sushi Sticky Notes

Sushi Sticky Notes

Staying organized is important both at home and at the office.  One solution is with sticky notes to keep track of important dates, times and events.  This set is super awesome!

Sushi Wool Hat

Kawaii Wool Hat

Here’s a delicious looking wool cap that is ideal for anyone who’s a fan.  The design is super cute and a real attention grabber.

Cool Gifts For Sushi Lovers

Sushi Go Card Game

When it comes to cool gifts, here is one that’s a winner.  It’s is all about making the best combination of sushi dishes as the cards whiz by and scoring points for making the most maki rolls or collecting sashimi.

Sushi Lover Gifts

Lunch Bag Tote

Sushi lover gifts come in all shapes and sizes.  One example is this super cute lunch tote bag.  It’s well made, lightweight and plenty of room for your favorite eats.  It’s like having your own sushi carrier!

I Love Sushi Shirt

“I Love Sushi” Shirt

The perfect tee for the addicted in your life.  It proudly displays I Love Sushi across the front for all to see.

Perfect Gift For Sushi Lovers

Christmas Ornament Set

A fun way to add character to a Christmas tree is with these awesome ornaments.  They are the perfect gift for sushi lovers to spread some holiday cheer.

Unique Gifts For Sushi Lovers

Coloring Book

For those who love to draw, here is one of the unique gifts for sushi lovers.  This coloring book is sure to deliver hours of fun and entertainment, with artistic flair.

Sushi Novelty Gifts

Stress Toy

One of my favorite sushi novelty gifts is this squeezable stress toy.  It helps to relieve tension and provide relaxation for the serious addict.  If you are putting together a sushi gift basket, don’t forget to add this!

Great Gifts For Sushi Lovers

Serving Plate

One of the great gifts for sushi lovers is a serving plate.  It’s specially made to hold soy sauce and drain any excess wasabi.  Very impressive!

Gift Ideas For Sushi Lovers

Roller Kit

Making restaurant quality sushi at home just became easier with this awesome roller kit.  It’s fun, easy to use and is one of the excellent gift ideas for sushi lovers.

Christmas Gifts For Sushi Lovers

The Beginners Guide

The fanatic in your life can now become a pro after reading thru this great guide.  It’s all about slicing, rolling and preparing this delicious delicacy in a traditional way.  If you are looking for Christmas gifts for sushi lovers, include this on your list.

Gifts For A Sushi Lover

Chef’s Knife

When it comes to preparation, having a knife that makes cutting easier and eliminates sticking is vital.   Thus,  a super sharp, high quality stainless steel cutting knife is one of the best gifts for a sushi lover you can give!

Birthday Gift For Sushi Lovers

Tea Cups

Sip on tea every morning while learning the names of all your favorites with this beautiful set of tea cups! It’s my favorite birthday gift for sushi lovers.

Sushi Making Kit

Grand Maki Maker

Every true lover needs a sushi making kit.  Here is an excellent sushi kit that includes everything to create delicious maki rolls along with a book full of recipes!

Best Gifts For Sushi Lovers

iPhone Case

Here is a great looking case that definitely stands out in a crowd.  Even better, it’s a delicious reminder of exactly what you love.   It’s at the top of my best gifts for sushi lovers list.

Sushi Pillow

Pusheen Plush

This bundle of joy is a sushi pillow that’s a must have.  Perfect for hugs, cuddles and snuggles, it’s super cute too!

Sushi Gifts For Sushi Lovers

Beach Blanket

Relaxing at the beach just became a delicious experience with this fantastic blanket.  When it comes to sushi gifts for sushi lovers, this is a must.  It’s huge, ultra soft & downright cool!

Gifts For Rice Lovers

Rice Cooker

Sushi and rice go together like peas in a pod.  Every addict is going to need a quality rice cooker to create their masterpieces.  Quality units aren’t cheap, but they are one of the must have gifts for rice lovers.

Sushi Gifts For Kids


If it’s sushi gifts for kids that you’re after, think sunglasses.  Great for adults too!  They are the perfect accessory to match up with a stylin’ shirt & a funky hat.  Real attention grabbers.

Sushi Clothes

“You Are My Soymate” Shirt

Sushi clothes make great presents.  Here is a super cute tee that any lover would proudly wear.  The saying across the front is too funny!

Gifts For Sushi Lovers Buzzfeed

Masking Tape

If you are on the hunt for gifts for sushi lovers, buzzfeed has some great ideas.  One that really stands out for me is this masking tape.  Very colorful and stylish, making your presents really stand out!

Sushi Gifts Amazon

Cat Chef Poster

Another great source of sushi gifts, amazon really stands out.  They have presents for just about any occasion you can imagine.  This super cute Cat Chef poster is a great idea.  Perfect for the fanatic in your life.

Sushi Gift Set

Wooden Play Food Set

Here is a play sushi gift set that is great for teaching kids about foods from around the world.  It’s a beautiful set that uses velcro pieces that can cut apart.   Great for developing motor skills, serving pretend meals along with teaching social skills and manners.

Gifts For Sushi Chefs

Chefs Knife

Are gifts for sushi chefs on your shopping list?  If so, here is a present that’s the granddaddy of them all, a Zwilling J. A. Henckels knife.  It’s considered the Rolls Royce of knives.

Sushi Gift Box

Chopsticks Gift Set

To do it right, you are going to need authentic Japanese chopsticks to consider yourself as a true sushi connoisseur.    Here is a great sushi gift box that will help get you off to an amazing start.

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